Explore Safe Places To Stay In Ghana

Explore Safe Places To Stay In Ghana


Ghana is a country in West Africa full of life and culture. Millions of people visit yearly because of its friendly people, beautiful scenery, and wide range of animals. But, like in any other country, safety is always a worry for people who move. The good news is that Ghana is a safe place to visit, with low crime rates and nice people.


In this piece, will talk about some safe places you should visit in Ghana, such as the busy capital city of Accra and the beautiful beaches and national parks. Whether you’re a first-time tourist or a veteran tourist, these safe places in Ghana will give you a great experience without making you worry about your safety.


Osu Oxford Street


Accra’s Osu Oxford Street is an attractive spot for tourists to go. It is the best place for tourists to visit and is known for its lively nightlife, shopping, and eating. The area is well-lit, there are police officers around, and it feels safe and friendly.


Tourists who want to meet new people and make friends will have plenty of chances to do so on Osu Oxford Street. With so many bars, clubs, and restaurants, it’s easy to meet other tourists and locals and start a chat. The area is also known for its street art and graffiti, which gives people who like urban art a unique cultural experience.


Cape Coast


Cape Coast is among the most popular places to visit in Ghana, and people come worldwide to see it. The town is a must-see for anyone who wants to see Ghana because it has a lot of history and culture. Cape Coast is one of the best places to visit and one of the most interesting places to see.


Many hotels and restaurants in the town cater to tourists, making it easy to find places to stay and eat that meet your needs. Cape Coast is also known for its many tourist sites, such as the Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once a major hub of the global slave trade.

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Takoradi is a city in western Ghana known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural past, and friendly people. It is also considered one of the best places for people to go in Ghana. People from Takoradi are known for being friendly and helpful to visitors, and the crime rate in the city is low.


Also, the city has many places to stay for tourists, from expensive hotels to cheap guesthouses. This makes it easy for people to find a place to stay that fits their needs and budget. Takoradi is known for its beautiful beaches, like Busua Beach, for its golden sands and clear waters.




Aburi is a safe and quiet place in Ghana, especially for people who like to travel and write about it. Aburi is a small town in Ghana’s Eastern Region known for its mild weather, beautiful scenery, and lovely parks. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life because it is quiet and peaceful.


The Aburi Botanical Gardens is a big area with lots of grass and flowers where people can relax. They are among the best things to see and do in Aburi. In the gardens, you can find a place to have lunch, a playground for kids, a café, and many different kinds of plants, trees, and wildlife.




In the Eastern Area of Ghana is the busy and booming city of Koforidua, known for its beautiful surroundings, rich cultural history, and friendly people. There are numerous interesting things to see and do in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region. One of the most beautiful waterfalls is Boti Falls, just outside Koforidua.

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You can get a great view of the nearby hills and rivers from the short walk to the waterfall. People like to swim and do other water sports near the falls. From what I’ve seen, the crime rate for Koforidua is only 1%. This makes it the safest place in Ghana for anyone to visit.




Most people think that Kumasi is a safe place to visit in Ghana. It is the financial center of the Ashanti Region and Ghana’s second-biggest city. The famous Ashanti Kingdom is part of Kumasi’s rich culture and past. But, just like in any other place, visitors should be careful and take the steps they need to stay safe.




Axim is a beach town in the western part of Ghana. It is the best place to go to the beach in the country for tourists. The town is known for its beautiful beaches, clear water, and nice, sunny weather all year. As a travel writer, it’s good to know that Axim is also a safe place for people to visit.




Jamestown is an old part of Accra, Ghana, close to the water. Some people may think of it as a slum, but it is also a center of culture and history and has become a famous vacation spot in recent years. People like to visit Jamestown because of its bright old buildings, lively markets, and busy fishing port. Tourists who want to see some wonderful street art and historic houses from the time of the slave trade can feel safe in this area.




Ada is in the southeast of Ghana, approximately 120 kilometers from Accra, the country’s main city. It is on the Volta River inlet and is renowned for its beautiful beaches, lakes, and islands. Ada is a famous place for people to rest, enjoy nature, and relax.



Ada Foah Beach, with its clean beach and clear blue water, is one of Ada’s best things to do. People can also go bird watching, explore the mangrove swamps and lakes, or take a boat tour to observe the local wildlife. Fishing, sailing, and swimming are also popular in Ada.


Mole National Park


It is the largest and most visited national park in Ghana. It takes up about 4,840 square kilometers of land in northern Ghana, about 600 kilometers from Accra, the main city. The park is home to elephants, antelopes, warthogs, baboons, and many birds.


One of the best things about Mole National Park is that you can tour and get close to the animals. Visitors can learn about the habits and culture of the area by going to the nearby Mole town or going on an organized walking or driving adventure.

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