Agogo State College

Gender – Mixed
Housing status – Day and Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1963


The mission of Agogo State Senior High School is to establish itself as a model of academic achievement, moral rectitude, and social discipline in the communities it serves.

The school’s mission is to provide requisite knowledge, skills, values, and aptitudes to all students who pass through the school, through dedicated teaching and sound religious and moral instructions that will help them to develop their potential will enable them to pursue further courses and contribute effectively towards the socio-economic development of their community in particular and the whole nation as a whole.

Nana Kwakye Tutu founded Agogo State Senior High School in 1963, however it is more commonly referred to as Agogo State College. Agogo State Senior High School is a private college. At first, it was held in a temporary location, and there were 24 day scholars and 4 scholars who lived at the hostel.
The Presbyterian Church expressed an interest in becoming a part of the school’s founding, and the institution was intended to serve as a laboratory for exploring how the State and the Church may work together.
The Omanhene of Agogo Traditional Area at the time, Nana Kwaku Duah, played a very vital part in the establishment of the school and also gave enormous acreage of land on which the school is currently situated.
The school enjoys a particularly picturesque setting thanks to its favourable location on top of a hill, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and colourful flowers. The breeze from the land is extremely wonderful. Students are consequently encouraged to make the most of this calm environment in order to put in significant study time.

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  • District Best SHS 2015/2016 (Asante Akyem North).
  • National Best French Teacher Award (2015/2016).
  • Best SHS in Asante Akyem North District for the 2014/2015 academic year.
  • 1st National Best School Award.
  • 3rd Best Science School in Ashanti Region for the 2014/2015 academic year.
  • 2nd National Best School Award.

The school Motto is inscribed beneath the Crest in Latin “Domini Nisi Frustra” which translates as “With God nothing is impossible”. This extract from Mark 10 vs 27 refers to the Omnipotence of God in all human undertakings. Conscious efforts are therefore made to imbibe in the students the strong belief in God. With God problems and challenges can be surmounted.


The school is a mixed institution. The total enrolment as of the end of the first term 2009 is 1500. The school provides facilities for both boarders and day students. The school boasts of a three-storey 15-Unit Classroom block and two 8-unit Classroom blocks. There is a 3-unit Classroom block that houses the three traditional laboratories, that is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The school also has a well-furnished and air-conditioned Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is hooked to the Internet.
A two-story block that serves as the Administration block also houses the Library and the Staff Common Room. Part of the ground floor of the Administration block is also used as a dormitory block for the boys to ease congestion at the boys’ dormitory.
The ground floor of the uncompleted 2-storey dormitory block is also used as the boys’ dormitory. There is also a 2-storey Dormitory block for the girls and another 2-storey Girls Dormitory block under construction to ease congestion at the girls’ dormitory.
There is an adequate supply of textbooks for all the courses run in the school at the bookshop. New entrants are also urged to procure some textbooks to augment and supplement what is supplied in the school.
Apart from the academic activities held in the school, other non-academic activities are also held. Towards that end, there is a big field in the school where sporting activities and other functions are held.

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  • No. of Students (SHS 1): 1043
  • No. of Students (SHS 2): 1493
  • No. of Students (SHS 3): 967


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