Best Natural Tourism Attractions In Ghana

Best Natural Tourism Attractions In Ghana


Ghana is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich cultural history, and many places to visit. Ghana has much to offer nature fans and people who want to try new things. There are lush jungles, waterfalls, sandy beaches, and wide-open savannas. Ghana’s natural tourist sites are like a treasure chest with something for everyone waiting to be found.


In this piece, will talk about some of Ghana’s most amazing natural sights that will leave you speechless. Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned tourist, you should not miss these places. So, pack up your belongings and prepare to go to Ghana to see its beautiful nature.


Kakum National Park


The Kakum National Park is a beautiful piece of nature in the central part of Ghana. One of the most well-known things to do in the park is to walk along the overhead path, which is 30 meters over the forest floor. During this one-of-a-kind adventure, people can walk over the tops of the trees and see the green jungle in a new way.


Seven spans make up more than 350 meters of the path. In addition to the sky walkway, Kakum National Park is home to a wide range of animals, such as more than 500 species of caterpillars, 250 species of birds, and several mammals, such as antelopes, forest elephants, and monkeys.


The park can also watch birds, hike, and go on guided nature trips. Kakum National Park is a must-see for any nature fan or adventure seeker in Ghana. It has amazing natural beauty and a lot of different kinds of plants and animals.


Lake Bosomtwe


Lake Bosomtwe is a beautiful natural place in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. It is thought that an asteroid hit it more than a million years ago and made it. The lake is bordered by thick woods and rolling hills, which make it a peaceful place to rest and recharge.


Many people and tourists go to the beaches of Lake Bosomtwe to swim and fish in the lake’s clear waters and beautiful settings. Tourists can take boating on the lake, hike in the hills, or just sit back and enjoy the peaceful setting.



Lake Bosomtwe is not only beautiful and good for leisure but also important to the native Ashanti people for cultural reasons. People think of it as a holy body of water and believe it can heal. Lake Bosomtwe is a must-see for anyone going through Ghana’s Ashanti Region. It has a unique past and is a beautiful place in nature.


Mole National Park


Mole National Park is one of Ghana’s biggest and best-known national parks. It is in the Northern Region of the country. It is a famous holiday spot for people who like to be outside and go on safaris because it is 4,800 square kilometers and has a lot of wildlife.


The most famous people who live in the park are the African elephants, which can be seen roaming around openly. There are also over 300 birds, baboons, antelopes, warthogs, and several kinds of monkeys to see. Even though they aren’t as common, lions and hyenas are also animals that live in the park.


In addition to seeing animals, Mole National Park has many other things to do, such as hikes, bird watching, and guided tours. Also, people can see beautiful views of the nearby grassland with baobab trees and rocky outcroppings. Mole National Park is a must-see for all nature lovers who go to Ghana because it has so many different kinds of animals and plants.


Wli Waterfalls


You can see beautiful waterfalls at the Wli Waterfalls in Ghana’s Volta Region. They drop from about 60 meters up, which makes them the highest waterfalls in West Africa. The lush greenery around the falls makes for a beautiful, peaceful setting that is great for exploring and unwinding.


Visitors to the Wli Waterfalls can walk through the nearby woods, across streams and rivers, and look at the different plants and animals along the way. People also like to swim at the falls, but you should be careful because the water has strong currents.

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The Wli Waterfalls are interesting for more than just their natural beauty and places to play. They are also important culturally and historically. The nearby Ewe people think of the falls as a holy place. The Wli Waterfalls are a must-see for anyone going through Ghana’s Volta Region because they are culturally beautiful and important.


Aburi Botanical Gardens


The Aburi Botanical Gardens is a beautiful haven in Ghana’s Eastern Region, only 30 kilometers from Accra, the main city. The parks, about 64 hectares, have many plants and trees worldwide.


People can take their time walking through the Aburi Botanical Gardens, taking in the beautiful scenery and being amazed by the many different plants. There are more than a thousand various kinds of plants in the parks. Some of these are rare and unusual flowers, palms, and bamboo.


In addition to their beautiful grounds, the Aburi Botanical Gardens offer several ways to have fun, such as picnics, climbing, and watching birds. Birds and butterflies live in the grounds, which makes them a great place to see nature.


The Aburi Botanical Gardens are a must-see for anyone going through the Eastern Region of Ghana or looking for a peaceful break from the busy city of Accra. The gardens have beautiful scenery, many plants, and fun activities.


Boti Water Falls


Although outside of Koforidua, the Boti Falls are the first of two waterfalls near the city. Male and female twinned waterfalls that are 250 feet high will keep you interested for a long time.


Even though you have to go down 90 or more steps to get to the falls, people have had such a good time there that they have had to fight the urge to stay longer.


In the area (Boti), you can find natural treasures like the umbrella rock, a cave where ancient people lived, and a palm tree with three heads. Once you get to the city, Boti, about 20 minutes east of Koforidua and has everything in one place, is a must-see tourist spot.

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Umbrella Rock


From the starting point, it’s a pretty good walk to get here. At first, the climb is pretty flat, but it gets harder as you go. To get to the last part, you must walk up rocks, but once you get there, you can see a beautiful view of the area. Start your trip to Boti Falls with this nice walk since it’s on the same ground as the falls.


Atewa Range


The Atewa jungle is part of the upper Guinea Forest’s home. This type of wood is one of Earth’s 34 most important places for wildlife. Atewa is one of Ghana’s two upland evergreen woods. It is on the southern edge of Lake Volta. The range runs more or less north to south and is formed of hills with steep sides and flat tops. Atewa’s beautiful jungle is home to many plants, birds, and other animals.






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