Top 10 Things To Do And See In Ghana

Top 10 Things To Do And See In Ghana


Ghana has much to offer travelers of all ages, interests, and tastes, from fishing and being in nature to seeing some of the country’s historical sites. If you go to Ghana without seeing or doing any of the top 10 things, your trip won’t be complete.


Go Surfing


The surf lifestyle of today has grown quickly. Brett Davies, a former Rip Curl winner, was one of the first people to get involved. He started surfing African waves on the Ivory Coast. Since then, he has moved to Ghana, where he first surfed in Busua and is now surfing in Kokrobite. Many local kids are interested in surfing, so he runs Mr. Brights Surf School, which gives lessons seven days a week and sets up surf camps at the best breaks on beaches nationwide.


Take a walk around Jamestown.


With the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Accra Dot Alt, and lots of street art and old colonial buildings that make it a lively and diverse neighborhood, this fishing village by the sea has become a cultural force in recent years. Visit Ussher Fort, take in the lighthouse and High Street, and have lunch at the Jamestown Café or a drink at the cliff-top Osikan for a glimpse of Osu Castle.


The Local Foods


Most local food is served at “chop bars,” which are simple buildings on the side of the road where people can eat together at low tables. Even though it’s handy, it might not be the most comfortable place to try new things. Ghanaian favorites like fufu, banks, soups, and simple dishes like jollof rice, plantain, and beans can be found at several great places today. The lively area of Osu is home to Buka, a famous lunch spot with quirky decor and breezy patios. In Legon, you can go to the perfectly named “Chop Bar” for similar food in a calmer setting.

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See Cape Coast Castle


The Swedes built this huge building on the edge of the ocean at Cape Coast in the Western Region so they could sell lumber and gold. Still, it was used to trade enslaved people across the Atlantic Ocean. Visit the well-preserved cells and holding rooms, which can be hard to stomach, and the door of no return, which was the last view of home for people taken from the castle and dragged across the sea.


Kakum National Park


This lush jungle area in the Central Region has plants and animals all over its 375 square kilometers (about 144.8 square miles). It has a 350-meter-long (382-foot-long) roof bridge, one of only two in Africa. There are many kinds of monkeys to see, antelopes in danger of going extinct and unusual birds like the white-breasted guinea fowl.


Republic Bar and Grill offers local drinks and music.


Without initially stopping at Republic, a journey to Osu, a bustling area packed of bars, eateries, and clubs, wouldn’t be complete. This pub-style music venue draws huge crowds for its typical Wednesday evening live-music events, where the crowd spills out into the streets and drinks flow. Try the ‘akpeteshie’ drinks made in-house with strong liquors like rum or gin and tropical tastes like coconut, hibiscus, and ginger. People also like drinks with flavors.


Visit The Fabric


Ghanaian streets are filled with the bright and beautiful colors of the many textiles that are sold all over the country. A tailor or seamstress can turn these textiles into an attractive and stylish outfit for a low price.

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The famous braided Kente fabric was first made with orange thread, and you can still see it being made at Bonwire in Kumasi. It is now available in different colors and can be stamped on cotton. Northern-Gonja cloth is also made but has bands instead of a crisscross design.


Go to Mole National Park


Tourists don’t go to the country’s north as much, but Mole National Park is a big draw for people who love animals. The country’s biggest wildlife park is home to many animals, such as cows, elephants, and hippos. It is also possible to see cheetahs along with other predators that used to roam freely on the prairie, but this happens very rarely.


Bliss Family Entertainment


Bliss Family Entertainment is where the whole family can have clean fun. Fun activities include trampolines, bowling, and climbing up walls. It’s a wonderful place to go with kids and for group activities.


The Wli Waterfalls and Mount Afadjato


The country’s Eastern Region borders Togo and has several of the country’s tallest mountains and purest air. Wli Waterfalls are in the Hohoe District. It would help if you walked through a tropical forest to get to the lower falls. It would help if you hiked up the mountain to get to the top falls. There are thousands of fruit bats, butterflies, birds, and monkeys, and the land is beautiful and quiet.


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