When To Travel To Ghana – Best And Worst Times

When To Travel To Ghana: Best And Worst Times


People who go to Ghana will find a lot to like and be happy about. People visit this West African country yearly to see its beautiful culture, wildlife, and birds. Ghana and the United Kingdom are both in the same time zone. But this country doesn’t have the same seasons as Europe. Instead, it has a mix of wet and dry months throughout the year.


Since the country is only a few degrees from the equator, the temperature stays about the same all year. Most of the time, evenings are cooler than days. Still, Ghana is always hot for people from cooler places. Below, you’ll find a thorough guide with reviews of Ghana’s various seasons, why many tourists go there, and what you should know before booking a flight there.


Reasons Why You Should Go to Ghana


Ghana has a lot for tourists to see and do. Many people want to come to this country for their holidays because of its beautiful culture. Ghana is a beautiful place to visit for many reasons. The Ashanti Akwasidae parties, the Afrochella festivals, and the Dipo festivals are just some of the events happening all year.


Ghana has people who are nice, lively, and willing to help. It also has delicious food, colorful clothes, culture drums, beautiful dances, and songs that will keep you interested and assist you as you enjoy your stay. Visit the slave forts to learn about the country’s dark past.


Ghana is known for its people and culture, but it also has a beautiful 300-mile seashore, sites, wildlife, and a great place to watch birds. Come to Ghana to relax on the gorgeous shores, see some of your favorite animals in the parks, or go hiking on the eastern side.


Overall, the best time to go to Ghana


From October to March, the dry season is the most popular and best time to visit Ghana. There are no or very few spots of rain, so the roads are open, and getting around is easy. Also, the weather is cooler and less muggy, which makes staying in the country more comfortable. During this time, many events and gatherings in Ghana reach their peak.

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This is the time for the Afrochella events, which honor African culture, art, and fashion. The Ashanti Akwasidae celebrations happen every sixth Sunday, but each time they hit different people differently. Meet the Ashanti King and chiefs while dancing, singing, and playing beautiful drums.


Wildlife fans can see elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, and monkeys attempting to get water from the last wet holes from December to March. Also, people who like to watch birds can see some interesting sights of birds coming from Asia and Europe. December to February is a great time to see Ghana’s beauty and all the benefits of traveling there.


Your lips, eyes, face, and mouth can all get dry because of the wind. Bring some lotions with you, or when you get to Ghana, you can buy shea butter there. Also, the winds may trigger flights to be late, ruin the beauty and ease of the beaches, and make it hard for walkers to see the most beautiful parts of the mountains.


Cheapest Time to Go to Ghana


February, the last month of Ghana’s dry season, is often the most affordable month to travel there. The country is still returning to normal after the busy end-of-year months, so there aren’t many events or celebrations this month. Also, the dry Harmattan winds that blow through West African countries make the air hazy and dusty.


At this time, the beaches might not be at their best, and experienced shooters might not get their best shots. But there are still a lot of things to do in February. For example, nature fans have the best chance of seeing elephants and other animals in the country as they walk through parks looking for water sources.


Also, the number of birds has grown because people worldwide have moved to the Palearctic. October is another cheap time to visit the country. At this time, summer’s rains have stopped, and the country’s heat is going down. Ghana hasn’t seen a lot of people yet, and it’s not too expensive to get there.

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Time to Go to Ghana When It’s Least Busy


April to October is the least busy time to see the beautiful land of Ghana. It’s during the rainy season, when the country gets the most rain, and the lush greenery makes it the best time for shooters to take great pictures. The wind from Harmattan hasn’t started yet, and the sky is clear and beautiful.


By September to November, most tourists from North Europe and North America have left the country, and harvest events are starting. Ghana’s north gets rain to cool it off, but the south stops raining in November. Even though it can be hot and sticky, you’ll be fine because it’s cool and there’s a lot of grass.


The roads inside the city may be flooded, making it hard to get around. But there is still much to see and do in the country’s more remote areas. For example, the Dipo Festivals are held yearly in the country’s Eastern area between April and May. It’s a great way to learn about Ghanaian dance and culture.


Even though it’s less busy most of the year, June through August is a busy time for travel. After all, more people from Europe come during these months because it’s cooler. Also, during the cool, wet months, there are a lot of bugs. So, don’t forget to bring your bug spray and malaria pills.


Worst Time to Travel to Ghana


Most people don’t like to go to Ghana when it’s not busy. For example, the harmattan winds blow stronger in February, making it mostly dry and dusty. Also, some people find that the rainiest months, April through June, are the worst. In February, the winds are dry, the weather is hot, the air is dusty, and the skies are hazy.


So, most people who go to Ghana’s beaches, hike in the mountains, or take beautiful pictures of the country’s beauty may not get the best of the times. On the other hand, people who come to Ghana for its natural culture will see some amazing wildlife. In the same way, Ghana’s driest months, from April to October, can lead to muddy roads, a lot of mosquitoes, and trouble getting around inland.

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But now is a great time to take pictures of Ghana’s natural beauty because the skies are clear, the grass is green, and some fun events are happening. Ghana is a great place to visit at any time of year. Your worst time to travel will depend on what you want to do.


Learn Some Words in Ghanaian Languages


Because Ghana was once a colony, English was the official language there. It is used as a teaching language and a subject in Ghanaian offices and schools. But the country comprises people who speak more than 80 different languages. The government pays for some, while private groups pay for others.


Some of the languages that the government supports are Dagbane, Dagaare, Ewe, Kasem, Ga, and Nzema. These are all Akan languages. And Bassari, Adle, Sisaada, Bimoba, and Anufo don’t have sponsors. Learning several words in the local language will make your trip to Ghana more fun and make it easier to talk to people there.

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