Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Africa Country Of Ghana

Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Africa Country Of Ghana


Ghana isn’t usually on people’s list of must-see places when planning a vacation. In reality, this African country has a lot of cool and interesting things to do. No one knew what to expect when you said, “I’m leaving,” because no one they knew had ever been there.


I fell in love with the country because of how nice the people were, how interesting the food was, and how interesting the culture was. Here are the top ten reasons why Ghana, Africa, should be on your list of places to visit. This will help you understand what I mean.


  1. A Peaceful Country


Ghana may be the only African country with a stable government and a strong economy for a long time. So, the area is a safe place to visit in any weather. There isn’t much crime, no uprising, and the country is friendly to guests. Even when there are elections, there is peace in the country!


  1. A lot of history


There are many interesting museums and historical places to see in Ghana. Cape Coast is a good place to stop if you want to make this the main point of your trip. Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, now museums, were stops on the route enslaved people took from Africa to the Americas.


Even though it might be hard to stomach, a tour of these castles can teach you about history as you see cells, slave ships, old guns, and secret rooms and hear stories from the past. Several forts, like Fort William and Fort Victoria, were also used as lookout posts to protect the city from Ashanti raids in the 1800s. Everywhere you go in Ghana, you’ll see people dancing to the beat of drums and listening to happy music.


  1. Amazing places for tourists to see, like forts, castles, and unique mud mosques


North Ghana is known for its hundreds of years old West Sudanese-style white mud churches. The Larabanga Mosque is a must-see. It is a big, square building with whitewashed mud walls and spiked wooden supports. Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Christiansborg Castle, and Kumasi Fort are popular tourist spots. These places have a lot of history, especially about enslaved people.



Ghana’s museums and art halls show the country’s past in a very clear way. To learn about Ghana, tourists should go to the National Museum of Ghana in Accra, the Cape Coast Castle Museum and the Elmina Castle Museum in Cape Coast, the Volta Regional Museum in Ho, and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum in Nkroful.


  1. Cost Effective


No matter how much money you have, saving is always great, especially on a foreign trip. Even though in Ghana, nothing is free, even using a Porta-Potty costs money. You will almost always pay less for the same things than you would at home. A ride on a local bus costs less than $1, an ice cream pop costs about 35 cents, and a hotel bed costs about $6. I shared a nice hotel room with two friends in the Volta Region for only $10 per night.


  1. Friendly people


Ghanaians are, without a doubt, the nicest people you will ever meet. People want to talk to you no matter who you are, what you’re doing, or what you’re doing. Even at 6 a.m., people would stop their cars or turn from the market stalls to talk to you.


In Ghana, goodbyes are a very important part of life. Locals usually wave at people from other places, so be polite and do the same. As a guest, you will often hear the word “Obroni” yelled at you. This may not seem nice initially, but it took some time to get used to. The locals are just making an effort to get to know you.


  1. Natural Experiences


Even though Ghana isn’t a vacation location, there are many ways to enjoy nature and wildlife. In addition to the numerous beaches and parks all over the country, you can walk through a swinging canopy bridge high above the woods in Kakum National Park on Cape Coast. There is a crocodile pond at Hans Cottage Botel where you can pet and sit on crocodiles.



  1. Serene Beaches


Ghana has some beautiful beaches where you can relax in the sun and watch local artists, fishermen, and dancers. This adds a cultural touch to what is usually a lazy time. You can talk to the artists as they make jewelry and art, and you can listen to fishermen sing as they pull in their nets. Even when these interesting people aren’t there, Ghana’s beaches are a wonderful place to get away from the busy streets of the towns.


  1. The Food Scene


You will always find local food when you go to a different country. However, many of the items in these dishes are the same as those in the food you eat at home. But you won’t be familiar with many of Ghana’s foods, like the root-based fu-fu, banks, and kenkey.


Additionally, numerous of their soups have a spicy peanut base that you will immediately fall in love with. When it was time to fruit, he was crazy about the Evo, which looked like a big, spikey melon and had a fluffy, bubbly center. Like Pop Rocks or Sour Patch Kids, it tastes sweet and sour.


At the La Casa Baatsona Apartments, the La Casa Bar & Bistro is happy to serve both Ghanaian and international favorites. I would say that they make the best burgers on Spintex because they make them by hand. You can also get famous drinks with booze and fresh vegetables to accompany your meal.


  1. Relaxed villages


Ghana has many busy places to visit, but there’s usually a quiet village nearby where you can take it easy. These quieter spots gave me the best chances to talk to locals on a deeper level, which helped me learn more about the country.

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The most relaxed place I visited in Ghana was Kokrobite, located about 45 minutes by tro-tro outside Accra. Big Milly’s Backyard is a backpacker beach hotel with rooms in the tiki style, art shows, live music, great food, and reggae events. Both locals and tourists go there.


  1. Handicrafts & Arts


Beads, pottery, handmade clothes, and wood carvings are all important parts of Ghanaian culture and can be found everywhere. As you look at the works, you’ll notice that some symbols and pictures appear more than once.


These pictures will teach you much about how different cultures think and act. Numerous figurines and masks have been made. Each one has its own story. If you’re a girl seeking a unique souvenir, buy “Ghanian lingerie,” a long, thin string of beads tied within the hips.

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