10 Best Things To Do In Ghana To Witness The Beauty Of The African Culture In 2023!

There are so many beautiful places in our world that we could never see them all. All of our beautiful countries have places we should visit to learn more about them. Africa is a very big continent that is very important to the survival of life on Earth. Many important stories and cultures have come from this place, which is why it is important today. We won’t be able to travel all over the continent. So, it’s best to pick a few key spots. Here, we’ll talk about Ghana, a very important country in West Africa. Let’s start looking around the country and doing some of the best things to do in Ghana.

What to Do in Ghana in 2023
Here is a list of the best things to do in Ghana, which will help you learn more about the country and give you a heartwarming experience. Take a look!

Finding Food Nearby
The Kejetia Market Jamestown Kakum Canopy Walk Palm Wine Skybar 25 in Accra Republic Bar and Grill Rural Life Tour

1. Surfing Have Fun Surfing Source Image

When you’re near the Atlantic Ocean, it’s obvious that you should check out the coasts. One of the best ways to do this is to go surfing in places with beaches. Even the local kids like to surf, so there will be booths to help you learn how to surf. Just use the Internet to find out about the different schools and what they offer. Then you can get lessons from them so you can ride the waves to their fullest. You will definitely enjoy this new thing because it will be exciting. These are just some of the fun things to do in Ghana, which is in Africa.

2. Food from the area Image Source

You can’t really get to know a place if you haven’t tried its food. Ghana is known for its tasty, home-cooked food, which you can buy at street shops. People eat at low tables in these places, which are usually called “chop bars.” You have to try Fufu, a dumpling made of cassava and plantain, and Banku, a pickled corn dumpling, when you’re in Ghana. These are often served with tasty soups that are also good for your health. Eat where the people who live there do to get the best taste of the area.


3. Kejetia Market
Kejetia Market Image Source

Ghana is known for its lively people, who often live close to each other. They still like going to busy markets where they buy things from the same places. Ghana’s Kejetia Market is a well-known market. People often say that this is West Africa’s biggest market. When you go to this market, you can buy everything from food to clothes to used things. These days, there are trips where the guides give tourists a very detailed look at the market. When someone goes to this market, they should always try to get a good deal.

4. Take a walk through Jamestown Image Source

When you are in Accra, Ghana, you have to go through the Jamestown and Usshertown neighborhoods. They are the oldest buildings in the city, and they often tell you about the people’s culture and history. They show how the country as a whole was affected by its colonial past. A lot of people go to the lighthouse that faces the James Fort. The Chale Wote Street Art Festival is another big draw to the area. People come from all over the world to see it. When you go to this part of Accra, you can see the different kinds of street art. In Accra, Ghana, there are many things to do.

5. Take part in the Kakum Canopy Walk Image Source

Would you like to walk through a part of a forest that isn’t like the rest? If so, you should visit this place and go for the walk. This is an aerial walk through a thick tropical forest. The bridges are 130 feet above the ground and hang from trees. The paths are made in a safe way so that tourists never have a problem or a fatal accident while they are on them. If you’re going camping in the Kakum National Park, you should definitely do this.

Shopping Shopping Source of image

Not only are the fabrics of this country bright and beautiful, but they are also very well made. You’ll see that the people there love their bright fabrics, which they use to make beautiful dresses. Kente Cloth is the native fabric of Ghana. It is made by hand by the people who live there. Northern-Gonja cloth, which has stripes that are stacked on top of each other, is another fabric that stands out. You can buy these pretty fabrics from street sellers and major markets all over the country. Tourists can also have traditional clothes sewn by local tailors who are close by.

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7. Palm Wine Image Source Palm Wine

Drinks that have been around for a long time are often a big part of a culture. When you go somewhere like Ghana, you will see a lot of people drinking Palm Wine. This is just a drink made from the sap of the Palm tree. People carefully cut down palm trees like the coconut palm, date palm, raffia palm, and oil palm trees to get the sap. After they collect the sap, it starts to ferment, and in just a few hours, it turns into wine. This is a very old custom in the country, and the result is a weak alcoholic drink that many people like.

Skybar 25 in Accra, Ghana
Enjoy lunch at Accra’s Skybar 25. Photo:

Along with the local and traditional food, one must also see the country’s current side. Accra is a city in Ghana that is growing and becoming more modern all the time. So, if you want to have lunch with your family or a special someone, this high-end restaurant on the roof is a good pick. It is in the largest building in all of West Africa, so it has one of the best views. Don’t forget to book a table because the place is often busy or has special events.

9. Republic Bar & Grill
Republic Bar & Grill
Photo by pasevichbogdan on Pixabay

We think you should go to the Osu neighborhood in Accra, which is known for being full of life. The bar is so much more than just a place to get drinks. They see themselves as a creative force that takes place in a place where you can listen to good music and sip your drink. People all over the city like to drink their drinks, especially their beers. They have special treats like passionfruit, which is a bit different. The bar also serves drinks called “Akpeteshie” that are made from cane spirit. These drinks are similar to Cachaca in their home country.

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10. Tour of Country Life
Learn about life in the country in Ghana.
Photo by lapping on Pixabay

As tourists, we need to be aware that most Ghanaians still live in the country’s rural parts. Ghana is still run by the people who live in the bush, and going there would give you a great look at how they live. You can now go on trips that show you the rural parts of Ghana, or you can do the work yourself. Explore if you want to see the real Ghana as seen by the people who live there.

Here are a few things you can do in Ghana. All of these things can be seen and done without any trouble in Ghana. We hope that when you do these, you have a good time and learn a lot about the country.

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