Ghana is a great place for travelers who want to see the wild side of Africa while also having a good time. We can all agree that Africans know how to have a good time, and when music and drums are added to the mix, things go to a whole new level. Accra, the main city of Ghana, is one of many places that have become more popular with tourists who want to get a real taste of Africa. And Accra has a lot of places to go, places to stay, and restaurants that won't break the bank.

You are either already in Accra or you are making plans for a cheap trip there. In fact, you have found the right page. I worked hard on this guide so that you can see the main city without spending too much money. has put together a list of cheap restaurants in Accra in this post to help you travel on a budget or eat cheaply. Start scrolling to find your ultimate list, which includes everything from fancy places to popular cheap meals.

I worked hard to put together this plan. If you find it helpful, give it to other people so they can save money when they travel or eat out. Many thanks.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

The Coco Lounge

From the leather bar stools to the tile work in the private eating area, Coco Lounge pays a lot of attention to detail. As you might expect from a local artist who works in the same building as the design store next door, La Maison, which also designed the restaurant's interior, pieces by Nana Anoff have been set up among modern and bold design elements. The pizza oven is amazing because it is designed to look like an old Italian pickup truck. The room is amazing, but what about the food? On the short list of major dishes, there are sandwiches, burgers, and fish and chips. There are also many kinds of salads, rice bowls, and that wood-fired pizza.

The prices are really great, though. Everything is pretty cheap for an event like this, so stopping by for lunch during the week doesn't seem too much.

Oh, and don't forget to bring the homemade cakes and ice cream. Even the food is well thought out. The famous New York chef Andrew DiCataldo made the menu, as well as the menu for the original Urban Grill. Thank goodness our burger came on brioche, and the quinoa salad with dried fruit and nuts looked delicious. The friendly and helpful wait staff wore dickie bows. The list of drinks is very good. A Meko Martini, anyone? Ghanaian chili is mixed in with Ketel One vodka. Pow!

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

City Grill

Urban Grill is one of those places that just feels good all over. The food, the decor, and the atmosphere are all of the best quality. It is in the same building as the famous Coco Lounge, Vida e Caffé, and La Maison. All of these places were started by the same group that started Santoku. In Ghana, this group of restaurants has raised the bar in a big way when it comes to food, service, and interior design. What's the deal with Urban Grill? At its heart, it is a fancy restaurant. The meat is corn-fed and comes from Nebraska. It is grilled over coals like a pro.

The new menu at Urban Grill shows this respect for local food with dishes like quinoa and rock crab salad and "Bang Bang" octopus salad. The main course of grilled Atlantic blackfish with sautéed Gboma leaves, which are similar to kale, and regional shito sauces is a new star. Make sure to get there a little early so you can get a dry martini or their modified Bloody Mary, which you have to try to believe.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

Life and coffee

We are so happy that Vida e Caffè now has four more sites. Why? The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they make great coffee. However, in this heat, their famous frios with mixed ice might be a better choice. People are really drawn to the place, though, because of how alive it is. Listen up, Accra: this is how a coffee shop should be run. The same crew runs the original, which is in the same building as Coco Lounge and Urban Grill. There are many tasty muffins, sweets, and sandwiches to choose from.

Other places include Junction Mall, Nungua Junction (0242 100 908), Spintex Road, Finatrade building (0242 100 909), Accra City Centre, Independence Avenue, AFC building (0242 100 907), and Labone, Josiah Tongogara street (024100907).

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

Africa, chez Clarisse Mama

The best way to describe this place, which people call "Clarisse," is as a "fine chop bar." Every day of the week, Clarisse is full to the brim with locals and tourists eating authentic attieke, alloco (kelewele), and fish. Try Clarisse's fried yam and chicken if you don't want to take many risks. For a fairly priced restaurant, Clarisse has a very nice atmosphere, with soft conversation and French music. This makes for a great meal. After you enter Clarisse, you'll wonder if you're still in Accra or if you've been transported to Abidjan!

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

The Coffee Shop

Koffee Lounge is kind of like a Chinese restaurant. But, like most Ghanaian places, it has a varied menu with breakfast foods, sandwiches, snacks, local dishes, and vegetarian options. I put Koffee Lounge on my list of the most reasonably priced places to eat in Accra because it serves jollof rice in large portions.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

The Bridge

La Brasa is not a very old restaurant. But its perfectly grilled chicken wings over fire are quickly making it known. Pair these wings with a green salad, spicy Jollof, or golden-fried yam for a healthy side meal. La Brasa is definitely a good deal. A pack of yam and chicken only costs 30 cedis (at the time of writing), and it tastes great.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

Café Kwae

When I was looking for cheap restaurants in Accra, I found the strange and interesting Cafe Kwae. It's one of my favorite places in Accra. The cafe is at One Airport Square in Accra's Airport City. That gives you a lot of choices to choose from. Sandwiches, salads, tea, coffee, and a range of other quick snacks should be available. The cafe is in the middle of Accra's hippest neighborhoods, which makes it a great place to meet up with friends. So stop by Cafe Kwae, which might be one of the best places to hang out in Accra.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

Ghana KFC

Any KFC in Ghana is a good place to eat if you're looking for an inexpensive place to eat in Accra. When getting together with family and friends, you can get the best and cheapest fast food in America. On their menu, there are a few things that can help you spend less while you hang out.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

The 5 Restaurant and Lounge

The 5 Lounge restaurant gives you a good eating experience and keeps your money safe from extortion. The Jollof Arancini, which is Jollof cooked with corned beef and made into a ball, dipped in eggs, and then topped with bread crumbs, is one of the restaurant's most unique dishes.

When Jollof is used instead of beef, they are like meatballs. At the 5 bar, you and your partner can eat more interesting foods. The 5 Lounge is located in Accra's Cantonments.

Restaurants in Accra that are cheap

Good Jerk

At Tasty Jerk, you can be sure to get the best kenkey and pork in all of Accra. Its pork will do the trick if you're looking for a filling lunch or dinner after a long day. One of the cheapest places to eat in Accra, Tasty Jerk serves real African food and doesn't try to be fancy. Both inside and outside, there are a lot of places to sit.

Fast food from Papaye

Fast food from Papaye

Papaye Fast Foods is one of the best places to eat in Ghana. It has offices all over the city, including Tesano and Spintex Road, and is located on Oxford Street in Osu, Accra.

They have a lot to choose from, like vegetarian meals, casual eating, and food for late at night. Papaye Quick Food is easy to find because it is close to the road. They have some of the best food in the country and provide excellent service.

Pinocchio and the restaurant LA Piazza

Pinocchio and the restaurant LA Piazza

The Embassy Road, H.P. Nyemitei Street, Osu, Accra, is where you can find both Pinocchio and the LA Piazza Restaurant. On the menu, they offer a wide range of pizzas made with imported Italian flour and Neapolitan recipes.

The pizzas they make are cooked in a very hot oven. Every semester, cooks who have won important awards like the World Pizza Championship, European Pizza Championship, and World Pizza Classics Championship train the LA Piazza Pizza team. Fans of ice cream can enjoy their home-made ice cream, which comes in more than 50 different flavors. Fans of cakes and waffles can choose from a wide variety of freshly baked cakes, delicious wraps, crisp salads, sandwiches, spaghetti, and other mouthwatering Italian foods.

Frank's Place to Eat

Frank's Place to Eat

Frankies Restaurant is one of the oldest and most well-known places to eat in Accra's Osu neighborhood. In addition to their well-known ice cream and sweets, they serve fried rice, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and cakes.

Frankie's is by far the most well-known and long-running restaurant on Osu Oxford Street. They are known for their ice cream and cakes as well as the beautiful view of Oxford Street. If you try their pizza, you might want to thank me.


Katawodieso can be found in Accra's Osu La Crescent. Katawodieso is not so much a restaurant as it is a food stand on the street in Accra. Even though their most famous dish is Waakye, which is a native Ghanaian dish made of rice and beans, they are known for how good their food is. Traditional Ghanaian foods like Fufu, Banku, and Jollof rice, to name a few, are delicious.

This is clear from the long lines at lunchtime. Katawodieso has been popular in Accra, the city of Ghana, for about ten years.

Rina's Place to Eat

The restaurant is on Oxford Street in the Osu neighborhood of Accra. They have tables outside and great drinks. It's a nice, laid-back place. (The shop on Oxford Street) The diner is a casual place to eat that is in Osu's Oxford Street Mall on Oxford Street.

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