Ghana’s Western Region has some of the country’s most lively culture, beautiful beaches, and, most importantly, historic sites. A trip to Ghana wouldn’t be complete without seeing the forts, forest areas, beach resorts, and beautiful scenery with breathtaking views. There are a lot of places to visit in the Western area that you can put on your list.

It may be the best place in Ghana for solo travelers who want to get back in touch with themselves. It’s also a famous place with friendly people.

I fell in love with the area in 2020 and chose to spend a year traveling around it. I have to be honest and say that was the best time of my life. The Western Region gets the most rain in Ghana. It also has clean lakes, beautiful green forests, and a lot of different cultures.

During my time in their capital city, Takoradi, and traveling around the region, chose to write a guide about the best places to visit in the Western region.

Tourist Sites In Western Region

Conservation Area of Ankasa
There are only two wildlife reserves in the Western Region. They are the Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. Between these two places, you’ll find a lot of species that will keep you busy for the whole time you’re there. Here, you can find buffalo, antelopes, baboons, and other animals. Because it rains a lot in the area, there will be a lot of different kinds of trees of all sizes to look at. If you are planning a trip to the area, this protected area is a great place to see wildlife.

Fort Cross Metal
Fort Cross Metal

The British built this castle 300 years ago to store gold dust, wood, and, in the end, slaves. This tourist draw is on a rocky outcrop that looks out over the fishing harbor in Dixcove. The area is near the fishing village of Infuma. It is surrounded by water and can be reached by kayaks and small boats. About 2 kilometers from the shore, big ships can also dock.

From Accra, it takes about 4 hours by car or 45 minutes by plane to get to this part of the Western area. This tour should be both fun and educational because the site holds so much of Ghana’s and Africa’s past as well as the rich culture and customs of the people who live there.


Places for tourists in the west
Akatekyi Crocodile Pond
If you like wildlife, especially alligators, you should make the trip to Akatekyi Crocodile Pond in the Western area. The fetish priest, who is also called a traditional spiritual leader, uses a live fowl to lure the crocodiles out of the river. This is how people who want to see these interesting animals do it. Because of this, people are asked to bring schnapps as a drink.

Crocodiles are very important to the locals, who love and worship them. Also, they are an important part of the area. About 30 km west of Takoradi, which is the capital of the Western Region, is a pond. If you can’t make it to Paga Crocodile Park in the Northern region, you can have a similar adventure in the Southern region. It might not be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the West, but if you want to try something new, you should come.

Places for tourists in the west
Nzulezu Stilt Village
Except for Thursdays, this neighborhood is open to visitors every day of the week except for Thursdays. This is because Thursdays are seen as holy days in the village. If you want to live in this small town for a long time, you should learn how to get used to living mostly on water. The houses they live in are also built on stilts. When you get there, you’ll be able to learn about the people’s interesting culture and watch how they live and act.

The Nzema word “Nzulezu” means “water’s surface.” People in the village are thought to have come from Walata, a city in the old Ghana Empire, which was the first of the Western Sudanese states. Legend has it that a snail brought the village’s ancestors to where they are now. You can probably guess how slow the trip was, but they were happy.

National Park of Bia
National Park of Bia
This national park in the western part of Ghana is also a biosphere reserve. It has 563 square kilometers of natural beauty. It is home to 62 different kinds of animals and some of the largest trees in West Africa. There are 10 kinds of primates, such as chimps, three kinds of colobus, and Pan troglodytes.

Agama Sylvanus, a new species of lizard, lives on Bia as well. About 160 different kinds of birds also live in the area. So, going to this tourist attraction would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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Busua Beach
Busua Beach
Busua Beach length is a beautiful place where people can relax in peace. Along the coast, there are a number of beach houses where people can stay or have a nice time with friends and family. For example, the Busua Beach Resort is a famous place to go. You can go horseback riding, do water sports, and eat a wonderful seafood dinner by the sea.

Places for tourists in the west
Cape Three Points is a place in South Africa.
Cape Three Points is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana. It is close to the southernmost point of the country. For a clear view of this interesting sight, you’ll have to go to the Cape’s 95-year-old lighthouse. Cape Three Points also has a village with a lot of tourist sites that teach you about Ghana’s colonial and cultural past and present.

Some of the things you can do in the area are hiking, surfing, and just sitting on the beach. People who go to Cape Three Points can often see how rubber is collected, and if they’re lucky, they can also see monkeys and other animals. You shouldn’t miss this tour if you’re in Ghana.

Ahanta School of Surf
Another thing you can do at a beach is surf. Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride the waves on just boards like a sea god? You have arrived at the right place. At Ahanta Surf School, people of all skill levels can learn how to surf. If you know how to surf, you can just rent a board at Busua Beach and ride the waves. The fact that you can almost always surf the waves at this beach is one of its best features. This just means that you can go fishing whenever you want and still have fun.

Places for tourists in the west
Fort Santo Antonio
Fort Santo Antonio, which was later renamed Fort Saint Anthony, is one of the oldest forts that Europeans built on the Gold Coast. It was in Ghana’s Western Region, in the city of Axim.

During the time that the Portuguese ruled Axin, a trade post was built near the Ankobra River. However, the Axim people attacked the post, so it was closed. In 1515, they built Santo Antonio, a big triangular fort on a small point next to the River Ankobia. After the Portuguese built St. George’s Castle, they built Fort Santo Antonio (Elmina Castle). On the side facing the land, a rock-cut trench three meters deep was dug to make it safer.

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In 1872, the Dutch left the Gold Coast after giving the Fort to the British. By giving them the Fort, the British gave up their monopoly on the slave trade and their power over the area that had been under their rule.

In the 1950s, when Ghana got its freedom, the British gave the Fort to the country. It was fixed up so that government and local government buildings could be set up there.

Takoradi Fishing Harbor

Takoradi Fishing Harbor
One of the best things to see in Takoradi is the fishing harbor. You’ll like the view of the colorful boats and canoes lined up along the shore. The best place to learn about Sekondi-real Takoradi’s culture and way of life is at the fishing harbor.

Online, you can find cheap taxis and get a ride to the Sekondi fishing harbor so you don’t get lost. For a fee or a tip, a local fisherman will take you on a boat ride. I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know if it will work, but it’s worth a shot.

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