The Most Popular Coffee Shops in Accra, Ghana

The Most Popular Coffee Shops in Accra, Ghana


Accra is home to many people who work from home, go to school, or make art. These people always look for quiet places to work with good WiFi or meet up with others. After living in Ghana for the past two years and spending a lot of time in cafes, I’ve had the chance to visit many cafes in Accra. In this blog post, I’ll talk about some of the best ones I’ve been to. You can go to more than a dozen bars in Accra.


Kwae Terrace


It’s only fair that I start this list with Kwae Terrace, my all-time favorite cafe in Accra. This cafe is on the 5th floor of the “Volta Place” building. When you walk into the cafe, you’ll see that it’s designed with plants, interesting artwork, and soft orange-brown tones, which make you feel calm.


You can sit at the coffee bar close to the cashier if you just want to grab a quick drink and go. The cafe also sells books if you’re looking for something to read. If you want to host a breakfast here, you can sit alone, with a partner, or with a big group.


The calm atmosphere of the cafe lobby is helped by the sunlight that comes in. Kwae Terrace also has a rooftop extension with more seats and a view of a wealthy area with some beautiful real estate eye candy.




Kukun is a well-known cafe in Accra that has a co-working area, a bar, private office space, and an outdoor yard, all in one place. As you approach the cafe, a tall white building with the word “KUKUN” written in big black letters welcomes you. If you want to work outside, there are several places to sit outside the cafe’s door.

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You’ll find a fridge and more workplaces in the cafe. The fact that you can rent desks makes Kukun even better. You can rent private desks, offices, training rooms, and meeting rooms by the day or month. Kukun often has events like pottery classes, so watch their Instagram to discover what’s happening.


Cafe Accra


Cafe Accra is in a busy area near an important road in East Legon. Cafe Accra, which serves breakfast, luncheon, and lunch, was one of the first locations I visited in Accra during my study abroad program in 2019. The cafe is small, but it serves tasty breakfast choices to people in the city.


When you go to Cafe Accra, you’re in for a treat. They have everything from crepes with lemon sauce to Oreo pancakes. It might not be the best place to work since most people go there to hang out and eat, but you could bring your laptop and get some work done there.


Dear Lola Cafe


The entrance to Dear Lola Cafe is covered in leaves and homemade pots. Walking through the door, you’re in a small room that’s great for working and thinking. Dear Lola Cafe is in Osu, and it’s a nice place to relax or get some work done for the day.


The room is small, and it’s best for 3–6 people to sit inside and 2–4 people to sit outside, so you might want to get there early to get a seat. I couldn’t get enough of how this cafe was set up. I thought it was a mix of the boho and retro styles. I can’t say much about the food at this cafe because I wouldn’t say I liked any of it, but the atmosphere was so nice that I would go back.

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Second Cup


Another business in Accra is called Second Cup, which has nine sites around the city. I think of this coffee place as a more stylish form of Starbucks. The cafe has a great range of cold and hot drinks and a variety of sweets. I’ve been to the Second Cup in Dzorwulu, and it’s a great place for catching up on work, meeting friends, or just resting with a cup of coffee.


Bourbon House Cafe


The Bourbon House Cafe was another of the first cafes I visited in Accra. I was surprised when I went there recently and saw that it had moved and improved. Before you enter the cafe at its new site, there is a beautiful patio with an awning. Inside, there are a lot of seats, and the place feels more like a work casual setting.


Theia Coffee House


Theia Coffee House is a garden cafe in Accra that is mostly outside, surrounded by fresh flowers and plants. I feel like I’m in the garden of a relative’s house getting ready for Sunday dinner when I go to the cafe. At this cafe, you are right in the middle of nature. With the trees moving, birds singing, and a cool breeze blowing, you will have a relaxing time working.


Jamestown Coffee Company 


The Jamestown Coffee Company is popular among Accra locals. From the time it opens in the early hours until it closes in the evening, this cafe is always busy. Jamestown Coffee has an excellent track record for serving freshly made coffee and having great events that unite the community. Jamestown Coffee Company is an excellent spot to meet new people and get work done simultaneously. There are group talks, live music nights, and lunch parties.

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