The Most Beautiful Beaches In Accra, Ghana

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Accra, Ghana


Accra is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning coast views. It’s no secret that Accra has some of the best beaches in West Africa. These beaches draw people from all over the world. But many of these places charge money to get in, which can stop people on a tight budget from going.


Even though some beaches in Accra are free, they still have the same beautiful views and fun things to do without hurting the bank. This piece will tell you about some of Accra’s best free beaches, so you can spend a day at the beach without spending any money. We have everything you need, from smooth shores to rocky coves.


Korle Gonno Beach


Korle Gonno Beach is a public beach in the Korle Gonno neighborhood of Accra. Locals and tourists who want to take in the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and the sandy beaches go there often. Korle Gonno Beach is free to get to, so people who want to spend a day at the beach in Accra can go there instead.


Even though there is no fee to get on the beach, you may have to pay for some items or services, like getting chairs or blankets or utilizing the public bathrooms. During peak hours, the beach might get crowded, so it’s always a good idea to take the necessary safety measures to ensure a fun and pleasant time.


Bojo Beach


Bojo Beach is in the town of Bortianor, which is a short drive from Accra. It is a beautiful beach that is far away from people. It is considered one of the most popular beaches in the area because it is a beautiful and quiet place. Fine white sand, clear blue water, and many green plants make up the beach.

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Bojo Beach is where people can swim, lay out in the sun, and play beach volleyball, among other things. There are several restaurants and pubs on the beach where you can relax and take in the view. Bojo Beach is known for its quiet, making it a great place to get away from the busy city.


It’s important to remember that you have to pay to get into Bojo Beach. When swimming, visitors should also follow the rules and be aware of dangers like strong currents. Also, because small thefts may occur on the beach, it’s important to monitor your things and take steps to keep them safe.


Premier Beach Club


Near Labadi Beach in Accra, there is a place called Premier Beach Club, which is a high-end beach club. It is a popular place for locals and tourists to go on holiday because it has many services and things to do. Because it is a private beach club, there is an entry fee to use the beach, swimming areas, beach chairs, blankets, and other facilities.


The club also features a restaurant and a bar where you can consume your meal while looking at the beautiful water views. Premier Beach Club hosts many events, such as beach parties and live music shows, and is known for its friendly and party-like atmosphere. It’s a good place to hang out with friends and meet new people.


Titanic Beach


Titanic Beach is a beautiful beach that a lot of people go to. The beach is known for its beautiful scenery and clear waters, which make it a great place to relax, play, and lay out in the sun. At Titanic Beach, people can do many things, like swim in the calm Gulf of Guinea seas or lay out in the sun on the beach.

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Surfers go to the beach often to ride the crashing waves that break on the sand. Titanic Beach is known for its natural beauty but has several hotel services and facilities. Nearby eateries, pubs, shops, and markets sell gifts and other goods and delicious food from the area.


Osu Castle Beach


Fort Christiansborg Beach, or Osu Castle Beach, is the name of a popular beach in Osu. It is close to the famous Osu Castle, which the British utilized as a base of operations during the colonial period. The beach is well-known for its peaceful environment, beautiful scenery, and golden sand. Visitors can swim, lay out in the sun, and take long walks along the beach, among other things.


It might not be a famous spot for tourists, but it is among the free beaches in Accra where you can have all your friends. One of the best things about Osu Castle Beach is that you can see Osu Castle, a historical place and a popular tourist spot in Accra. People can take pictures and enjoy the view while they relax on the beach.


Tawala Beach


Because of its clear water and white sand beaches, Tawala Beach is a popular place to swim and get a tan. The beach is a great place to relax because it isn’t as busy or loud as other beaches nearby. Near Tawala Beach, there aren’t many places to eat, so you may wish to bring a few snacks and beverages.


It’s also important to remember that it can get very hot on the beach during the day, so bring sunscreen and a hat to safeguard yourself from the sun. Tawala Beach is an amazing location where people can peacefully relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.

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Borla Beach


Borla Beach is a well-known beach in the Greater Accra area of Ghana. It is recognized for its beautiful views, calm seas, and soft beaches. It is also a place where many locals and visitors like to rest, swim, lay out in the sun, and do other things in the water.


Borla Beach is also free to get into, making it a good place to go on holiday if you want to spend a day at the beach without spending too much money. To ensure people have a secure and enjoyable time at the beach, they should take important safety steps like wearing sunscreen, getting hydrated, and following safety laws or rules.

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