The Best Family Vacation Destinations In Ghana

The Best Family Vacation Destinations In Ghana


Ghana is a beautiful country in West Africa. It is known for its rich history, friendly people, and amazing natural beauty. It’s no wonder that Ghana has become a popular place for families worldwide to visit when they want to see more of Africa.


There are many choices for the best family holiday spots in Ghana, whether you want to see historical places, relax on beautiful beaches, or learn about the country’s rich culture. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at some of Ghana’s best places for kids, focusing on the unique activities and sights that make them must-see spots.


Busua Beach


Busua remains the first beach on this list in Ghana because it is the best place to go with your family. Because of where it is, how it looks, who lives there, and how many other families you meet. Busua Beach is a well-known beach area in Ghana’s Western Region.


There, families can take a break and enjoy the natural beauty of Ghana’s coast. At the beach, you can do many things, like surf, swim, and lay out in the sun. Busua Beach has waves that are fun for both new and experienced surfers. You can rent a surfboard, and there are local teachers who can teach you how to surf.


Lake Bosomtwe


Lake Bosomtwe is a natural lake in Ghana. It is about 30 kilometers southeast of Kumasi, the Ashanti Region’s capital. It is Ghana’s only natural lake, and families who want to go somewhere quiet and beautiful often go there.


The lake is enclosed by lush green hills and great places to swim, boat, and fish. People can take boats and go out on the lake or try to catch tilapia, which is the most popular fish in the lake. In addition to doing things on the water, tourists can also walk around the lake and take in the beautiful scenery.

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Around the lake, there are also several towns where tourists can learn about the area’s history and way of life. There are cheap places to stay, so you aren’t concerned about spending much on a family trip. The place is among the best places for a trip in the Ashanti area.


Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park


Here, you and your family can start a history class. Please learn more about Ghana’s first president, his wife, and other things connected to the country’s freedom. But be careful, because you could see a ghost. I was just kidding, lol. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is a historical place and tourist attraction in Accra, Ghana’s main city.


Kwame Nkrumah was Ghana’s first President and a key figure in the fight for African freedom from slavery. The park is named after him. The famous Pan-Africanist leader is buried in a tomb in the park, where he will stay for all time. The tomb is a beautiful building with a figure of Nkrumah in a calm, thoughtful pose and a black star representing Ghana’s freedom and independence.


Along with the tomb, the park also has a museum about Nkrumah’s life and work. The museum has things, pictures, and papers from Nkrumah’s life and his work with freedom groups in Ghana and Africa.


The park is a popular place for both tourists and people who live in the area. It is also where important national events and holidays, like Independence Day, take place. Visitors to the park can learn about Ghana’s history and Nkrumah’s impact while paying their respects to a few of the most important people in African history. The place is among the best places for families to vacation in Ghana.


Black Star Gate


If you live in this area and are reading this post, I don’t suggest this place to you because you pass it every day, lol. For foreign tourists, this place is a sign that they will have a great time in Ghana. So, what do I mean? When people visit Ghana for the first time, they all stand here and take pictures.

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Your family vacation won’t be complete if you don’t take a picture in front of the Black Star Gate. The Black Star Gate is a well-known feature in Accra, Ghana’s main city. The gate was built in 1960 to show that Ghana was no longer under British colonial rule and to show that Ghana was now a free and independent country.


The Black Star Gate is a very impressive building. It has a black star on top of a styled gate. The doorway shows that Ghana is entering a new time of independence and self-rule, and the black star stands for the country’s freedom and authority.




Ghana’s Akosombo is a great place to take a family holiday because it has many sights and things to do that people of all ages will enjoy. Akosombo is known for the Akosombo Dam and its beautiful setting on the banks of the Volta River. It is on the eastern side of Ghana, approximately 100 kilometers north of Accra.


The most interesting places in town are the hydroelectric power plant and the Akosombo Dam. Visitors can take a guided walk of the dam and power plant and discover more about their history and how they were built. From the dam, which is one of the biggest artificial buildings in the world, the power plant sends energy to most of the country.


Shai Hills Resource Center


Families who want a trip in Ghana that is fun and doesn’t stress them out should go to Shai Hills Resource Centre. The area around Greater Accra, where the resource center is, is known for its beautiful scenery and beautiful views of the nearby hills and fields.

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One of the most popular things at Shai Hills Resource Center is hiking. Through the hills of the center, there is a network of trails that are marked and offer stunning views of the area. Hikers can choose from easy, intermediate, or hard tracks, depending on their level of health and what they want to do.


La Pleasure Beach


La Pleasure Beach, also called Labadi Beach, is the most well-known beach in Ghana. Some of Ghana’s best hotels are on the western edge of Accra, near the water, for people who want to stay near the water. People not staying at the hotel must pay to get in.


Labadi Beach is known for putting on big holiday shows and events. The beach has facilities and services like bathrooms, changing rooms, restaurants, bars, and many more that will help people enjoy their time there.



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