Asanteman Senior High, Kumasi

In Kumasi, in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, Asanteman Senior High School, also referred to as Asass, is a coeducational second-cycle school.

The Asantehene is the school’s sponsor, and it is recognized as the official educational institution of the Ashanti Empire.

The term “Nananom” (an Asante word meaning “Kings and Queens”) is used to refer to students. The school places a strong value on cultural and traditional practices as a result of its ties to the Ashanti Kingdom. The institution takes great satisfaction in being the breeding place for kings and queens, educating its students about the customs and traditions of the Ashanti kingdom. Because of this, after finishing, pupils adopt the title “Nana,” which denotes a King or Queen.


To be the pacesetters of education in the country.


To provide the resources and a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning to enhance the development of academic, spiritual and moral excellence.


The Ghana Education Service has ranked the school as a category A school.

The school has made significant progress in both academics and extracurricular areas like sports during the past 17 years. According to the WASSCE 2014 results, it was ranked as the fourth-best school in the Ashanti area.

In the Ashanti Region’s yearly West African Senior High School Certificate Examinations, the school has placed between 16 and 22nd out of 138 institutions for the past ten years. Every year, the majority of all students enroll in tertiary institutions. The University of Cape Coast will receive over 70% of this amount.

i. Crest

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The Ashanti Region has just three senior high schools in the early 1950s. The Methodist and Presbyterian Missions jointly owned one of the schools, while the Catholic Mission founded the other. The third was Asante Collegiate, a privately held institution that later changed its name to Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School.
Boys and girls desiring secondary education had to travel to the Coast due to the scarcity of Senior High Schools in the area.
In order to lower the risk and expense of pursuing secondary education further south, the Asante Youth Association proposed the establishment of a secondary school in the area during a meeting held at K.O. Methodist School in 1952. Asante Youth Association Day Secondary School was founded in 1954 as a positive response to the growing recognition of secondary education among its members, who were young, courageous, visionary men. Among the participants in the building of the school buildings were Messrs. Kwame Adjei and A.R. Boakye. The project was overseen directly by Mr. KSP Juantuah, who was the AYA president at the time. In the same year, Mr. K. S. P. Juantuah, the first acting headmaster, was named Ghana’s ambassador to France. As a result, in 1954 Mr. J. Owusu Ofori became the first official Headmaster, along with further duties as an instructor for French and English. Asante Youth Association Day Secondary School was administered by A Y A until June 7th, 1962, when it was dissolved. It was “baptized” as Asanteman Secondary School and integrated into the public system. The 2007 Asanteman Senior High School Educational Reforms served as more confirmation of it.
Institutional Status: Boarding and Day

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Student housing

The school offers creche as well as boarding for its students. Approximately 70% of the student body is housed in boarding houses at the school. There are six houses for boys and six houses for girls, for a total of twelve houses. Some senior high schools in the Ashanti region have adopted the house names as their motto, which is inspired by the qualities of the Ashanti Kingdom kings and queens.

Houses of Men and Women 1. Mmarima House Ahemaa House 2. Akunini House Owoahene House 3. Amanfour House Osiahene House 4. Akatakyie House Adehyee House 5. 6. Osahene House Ahoufe House 5. Abrempong House Nnwuraba House

Nonetheless, students have given certain houses monikers, such Melcom, Kejetia, Bangladesh, and Old Trafford. The school’s state-of-the-art building has also been called Golden Tulip, after the sole four-star hotel in the city, due to its likeness.

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