Best Luxury Beach Resorts In Ghana

Best Luxury Beach Resorts In Ghana


There’s no doubt that people like to stay at beach resorts, but everyone has their reasons. I love staying at resorts because the views are great for Instagram, and the sound of the waves is so relaxing. Don’t judge me (lol). When moving, you need to look good on social media.


Ghana is full of hidden beauty if you go outside of Accra. You can find resorts in the middle of the country, near lakes, on small islands, and along the coast. They offer high-end entertainment and activities that will blow your mind and sometimes your pocket or purse.


Ghana has many high-end beach resorts where you would like to stay. When you travel, you don’t just have to see beautiful and historic places. You can also find comfort by staying at some beautiful or luxurious places. This makes travel more fun and interesting.


I made this post for you, whether you are already in Ghana or are planning a trip there. This post has compiled a list of great, high-end beach resorts in Ghana for your next holiday, from well-known places to hideaway luxury getaways. Start reading while you’re making plans for your trip, and give yourself a treat.


White Sands Beach Resort


The White Sands Beach Resort and Spa combine privacy and luxury with 10 individually designed rooms and cabins on 60 hectares of tropical grounds with plants and trees worldwide. There is a private beach, a hotel, restaurants, bars, a sports court, and a place for helicopters to land.


This refuge contains growing trees, beautiful tropical flowers, canopied paths, orchid lanes, and calm ponds. All these things heighten the senses and put people in a deep state of rest. It is in central Ghana, near Gomoa Fetteh, where many renovated forts and castles are located. These include Elmina, Fort St. Jago, Fort Good Hope, and Cape Coast Castle, all UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.

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Lou Moon Resort


The beautiful scenery and great service at Lou Moon Resort are well-known. Seeing this place would help because it is much better than you imagine. This place is perfect for a wedding, a love getaway, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This perfect spot is tucked away in a natural beach cove, surrounded by green trees, and has the best sunset views over a beautiful bay.


During a day trip to Lou Moon, you can hike, get spa treatments, boat tours, and kayak. Day passes cost GHS 150; if you buy something at the restaurant or gift shop, GHS 100 can be taken off your final bill. At any given time, only 40 people with day passes are allowed on the land, so everyone with a day pass should make a request ahead of time. The resort is one of Ghana’s most luxurious beach resorts.


Sogakope Beach Resort


Sogakope Beach Resort is a five-star resort in the Volta Region of Sogakope, close to Keta Lagoon. Peaceful fields will join you and have direct access to the famous Volta River. So, tourists can enjoy a quiet, easygoing way of life on well-designed fields and buildings with a very African feel while still being modern.


The whole lodge has internet access, and all rooms are big and have air conditioning, TVs, phones, and modern African toiletries and shower supplies. The spa is placed near the river and pool area so that other guests and resort activities won’t bother you while you get a massage. You can choose from spa experiences and services, such as signature massages, reflexology, deep tissue, sports, and sabal stone massage.


Peduase Valley Resort


The 4-star Peduase Valley Resort in Aburi is a good hotel for families. This is a great option if you require to get out of the stress of daily life in Accra without going too far. This also gives you a spa break in a more mountainous setting instead of a beach holiday.

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The hotel has two places to eat: a pool, tennis court, spa, and free WiFi. Families will like the playground, grills, and kids’ activities that adults watch. Free options like a breakfast spread and self-parking are available, and you can relax with a drink at among the two bars or lounges.


Busua Beach Resort


Busua Beach Resort, close to Takoradi in Ghana’s Western Region, is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation spot for newlyweds. People who want to take a break from work and relax can go there to do nothing. Its quiet atmosphere makes it easy to relax and think about important things and choices in life. This beach is the nicest and cleanest in Ghana.


Busua Beach Resort has 62 luxurious rooms and suites in the style of chalets, restaurants, and a meeting room that can fit up to 250 people. Visitors can obtain the most out of their stay and stay fit by using the resort’s many stay-fit services. You can play football, basketball, and tennis, among other games.


Elmina Beach Resort


People who have been to Cape Coast, Ghana’s famous town, will find that Elmina Beach Resort is unlike any other place they have been. Elmina Beach Resort is in the center of the Central Region. It has 100 rooms and suites, five meeting and event rooms, restaurants, and a drinking area. The Damba Bar has a unique view of the ocean, fresh air, and soothing music.


Each elite room has a big patio with a great sea view. The resort has two swimming pools outside, tennis and squash courts, basketball hoops, a gym, and a bar. Outside of Accra, the country’s city, the resort has one of the biggest and most modern meeting centers. 30 rooms don’t allow smoking, free WiFi, a free breakfast, and free parking.



Charlestina Beach Resort


Charles and Tina went to Ghana for two weeks about ten years ago. They were very pleased with the country. This made it possible for Charlestina Beach Resort to be built. The Charlestina Beach Resort grows along with its beautiful surroundings. A top-notch, luxurious seaside resort with an imaginative plan to capture the spirit of the nearby wonders of nature and welcome the most beloved and accepted guests.


The Charlestina Beach Resort is great for romance, adventure, team building, excitement, and making experiences that will last a lifetime. You can eat wherever you want, and our kind hosts will help. You could also pick a spot to make it your own. This resort is one of the best beach hotels on Cape Coast for families with kids because the town square has a playground and games.





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