12 Amazing Places To Visit In Ghana In 2023 For Exploring The Country Like Never Before!

Africa has many beautiful spots to visit. Ghana, on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, is gorgeous. Its active residents and picturesque oceanfront location make it famous. Ghana has several sites to visit to experience its unique culture. Explore Ghana’s attractions.

Ghana’s Top 12 Destinations
Looking for beautiful Ghanaian destinations? To learn more about Ghana, here are some places to visit. View it!

Accra Kakum National Park Mole National Park Kumasi Busua Beach St. George’s Castle Nzulezu Ghana’s Volta
Lake Bosumtwe 1. Source: Accra

Ghana’s capital and greatest city. Two million people make the city lively. Accra boasts lively markets and colonial buildings. We’re sure you’ll enjoy visiting Jamestown and other key city sites. The Makola Market and National Museum are essential to Accra’s art and culture. Visit Labadi and Coco beaches. There are many other Ghana Accra attractions.

Kakum National Park.
Source: Kakum National Park

Ghana is a biodiverse country with unique plants and animals and one of the most beautiful locations. Visit Ghana’s rainforests in Kakum National Park. It covers southern Ghana. This place has buffalos, meerkats, civets, elephants, and many bird species. The national park’s Canopy Walkway draws tourists. Guided tours are essential to understanding the area.

R82, Ghana
6:00 AM–4:00 PM

3. Mole National Park
Source: Mole National Park

Our next national park is in northwest Ghana. Ghana’s largest wildlife park. Tourists can view roan antelope, buffalo, elephants, hyenas, leopards, etc. Lions may also appear. Birdwatchers love the park’s 250+ bird species. Visit the park during the dry season (January–March) to see most animals drinking water. It’s one of Ghana’s top destinations for good reason.

In Ghana

Kumasi image source

Kumasi, Ghana’s second-largest city, was the Ashanti kingdom’s capital. Tourists love Kumasi’s bustling market. Gold jewelry, kente linen, and wooden stools are famous here. Since the city has many craft businesses, shoppers will like it. For Ashanti Kingdom history, see the Manhiya Palace Museum.

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Busua Beach,
Source: Busua Beach

Ghana is close to the ocean. Sunbathe and eat lobster at Busua Beach. Surfing is also taught there. The beachfront resorts are very famous. If you vacation in Ghana, Busua Beach will never disappoint. Try local food from surrounding eateries and beach vendors.

In Ghana

6. St. George’s Castle
Source: St. George’s Castle

Fishing is a popular occupation near oceans. Like Elmina, Ghana’s fishing town with St. George’s Castle. It’s one of Ghana’s few historical sites worth visiting. Portuguese builders whitewashed the fortress in 1482. Its dungeons harbored slaves from its terrible past. One should also tour the gorgeous town and talk to guides about the castle’s history.

Elmina, Ghana
9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Nzulezu Ghana
Source: Nzulezu Ghana

Ghana’s most stunning site is here. English translation: “water surface.” All the stilt houses are over a lagoon. This village’s creativity and livelihood should be shown. Tourists can now relax in lagoon-top hotels. In this gorgeous setting, tourists can swim, dive, boat, etc. Tourists typically see crocodiles and monkeys here.

Lake Volta,
Source: Lake Volta

World’s largest man-made lake. Ghana visitors must see this gorgeous spot. Akosombo dam over the Volta river created the lake. It spans 3.6% of Ghana. Dodi Island can be visited. The dam can be visited or the lake fished. Tourists who want to spend time at the natural retreat can stay at exotic and magnificent hotels around the lake.

Kokrobite Beach.

The beach is another Ghanaian attraction. Accra is 30 KM distant, therefore people can combine the trip. The Academy of African Music and Art attracts innovative people. Book resorts with beach views. They can also enjoy the sunny beach on a day vacation. This beach attracts travelers during the May “Homowo” event.

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Paga Crocodile Pond.

Most of us avoid crocodiles because they fear us. However, this refuge houses several crocodiles, so aficionados can observe them. Visitor crocodiles here are friendly. Tourists can feed and pet crocodiles. Crocodiles are revered and never harmed here. Guides dispel crocodile phobia.

Labadi Beach Photo Source

Accra’s most popular beach, Labadi, is deemed the perfect city beach by tourists and locals. Besides sunbathing and lounging on the beach, local restaurants serve delicious cuisine and drinks. The nearby hotels own the beach, thus there is a nominal access fee. Weekends include native drumming, reggae bands, dancing, and music. It’s one of Ghana’s best sites to see hip hop and other Western dance and music combine with Ghanaian culture.

Accra, Ghana
Entry: INR 68/-

12. Lake Bosumtwe.

Lake Bosumtwe is Ashanti and Ghana’s sole natural lake. The Ashanti believe that after death, spirits come here to say goodbye to God Twi at the lake. Lake Bosumtwe offers adventure as well as pilgrimage. The lake, about 90 meters deep, is great for hiking, trekking, picnicking, horseback riding, biking, and water sports.

Kumasi: 30 km.

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Here are some Ghanaian attractions. You should visit them all. It’s easy to learn about the place online. Visit Ghana in your lifetime. Tour Ghana with TravelTriangle.

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Ghana’s Tourist Attractions FAQ
Ghana’s prettiest spot?
Ghana’s most scenic spots: Nzulezu Ghana 2. Accra 3. Paga Crocodile Pond Kintampo Falls, 5. Elmina and St. George’s Castle Kokrobite Beach, Busua Beach,

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Ghana: worth visiting?
Ghana is Africa’s sole stable democracy and prosperous nation. Low crime, no insurgencies, and friendly residents draw tourists to Ghana year-round.

Ghana beaches?
Ghana has a 560-kilometer coastline from Aflao in the Volta Region to Cape Three Points in the west. Ghana has many lovely beaches with distinct experiences. Ghana has surfing.

Tourists in Ghana—safe?
Ghana offers visitors a safe atmosphere.

Ghana when?
Ghana is best visited November–March. These months allow for sightseeing and other fun outings due to lower rainfall.

US dollars in Ghana?
Ghanaian currency exchange stations may convert US Dollars into local currencies.

Ghanaian water is drinkable?
Ghanaian tap water is unsafe, but you can buy it. Ghana has cheaper and more accessible bagged water than bottled water.

Ghana’s coldest month?
Ghana’s average temperature in August is 22-24 degrees Celsius.


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