ST. Louis Senior High School, Ashanti Region


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‘UT. SINT UNUM’ : May we be one in promoting God’s Kingdom here on earth


To create a community of people at St. Louis Senior High who work, learn, and play in a secure, joyful, and caring atmosphere; where people and property are respected; where learning is enjoyable, stimulating, and challenging; and where students develop intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally into responsible adults with positive self-images and personal visions.



The St. Louis Senior High School is committed to the intellectual, spiritual, social, psychological and physical growth of its students through

  • Academic Excellence
  • The Practice of Christian Values
  • Responsible Citizenship



The Sisters of St. Louis founded St. Louis Senior High School in 1952 with a class of twelve girls. There are 1700 people living there presently. They underwent a change of address when they relocated to Oduom in Kumasi in 1960. We have excellent news to share, therefore the Administration Block was constructed and consecrated in honour of the “Annunciation” (the feast of Annunciation, March 25, 1960). The growing demands of the school led to the construction of other structures. In girls’ education, the focus was on achieving high standards in professional topics and fostering peaceful relationships within the community. Christian leadership development was emphasised, and enthusiasm for drama, poetry, and music was promoted. One particularly noteworthy aspect is the Debating Society, which helped the pupils become aware of the numerous serious issues facing society.

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St. Louis School is a learning community. The school fosters a compassionate environment and a feeling of community by valuing each individual. We want to enrich and promote the brain and soul of everyone who enters our Catholic, multicultural community. Our setting supports kids in strengthening their relationship with God, choosing wisely, and achieving their academic goals.


Our motor, “UT SINT UNUM,” encapsulates a SLOPSAN’s life. AMEN. May us work together to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.



The school has excelled in both academic and non-academic areas of life producing many responsible adults in several productive areas of Ghana’s economy.

In 2008, it produced the best students in West Africa. The WASSCE organized by WAEC in 2008 saw the school picking 1st, 2nd, and 4th positions in West Africa and the best Science student.

Project Citizen

The Project Citizen was introduced in the school last three years. St. Louis has consistently been the title holder in the Ashanti region and is now the 2010 National Winner.

National Science and Math Quiz

Our girls had been in the competition several times and reached the quarter-finals on several occasions.


St. Louis SHS has won several debates in the region and at national levels. We are the 2010 (current) title holder of the National ICT/Cultural debate held in Accra. We also won the Regional debate on Road Safety/DVLA

Regional Games

Our school has consistently won the Best Behaved School for the past six years. One of the girls set a record in Regional Discuss Championship in 2009 which is yet to be broken.

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