T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Kumasi


  1. To become a school of Academic, Religious, and Moral Excellence, Producing Selfless, Hardworking, and Disciplined people to Serve God and Humanity.
  2. Striving to become a school of High Academic, Moral, and Religious Excellence to Earn Itself a Household Name in the Country.
  3. To become a model school in the Areas of Academic, Religious, and moral Excellence.



  1. Learn to Serve Humanity Through the Provision of Secular Education.
  2. Provide Religious and Secular Education with sound moral and spiritual values of the products of our school. More Emphasis should be placed on Religious and Moral Training.
  3. Our Aim is to serve Humanity and so we offer equal admission opportunities to all.
  4. Provide and Enforce Quality Education in our Products.
  5. Avoidance of Inimical Practice in the school eg. Bullying, Drug Addiction, Immorality, Promiscuity Obscenity, Occultism.


The school was established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, on 30 January 1950.

List of headmasters

Name Designation Tenure Remark
Dr. S.B. Ahmed Headmaster 1950 – 1956 Expatriate
M.N. Ahmed Headmaster 1956 – 1963 Expatriate
M. Latif Headmaster 1963 – 1969 Expatriate
Abdullah Nasir Boateng (aka T. A. Boateng) Headmaster 1970 – 1981 First Ghanaian
Yusuf K. Effah Headmaster 1981 – 1990 Ghanaian
Ibrahim K. Gyasi Headmaster 1990 – 1999 Old Student
Yusuf K. Agyare Headmaster 1999 – 2010 Old Student
Alhaj Yakub A. B. Abubakar Headmaster 2010 – Old Student


  1. WASSCE: Students’ performance in both SSCE and WASSCE for the past years has been very good. In the year 2004, the school placed 60th position out of over five hundred schools in Ghana in the national ranking.  However, the performance in 2009 fell below expectations. Attached are details of some SSCE and WASSCE results of the school for your perusal.
  2. REGIONAL GAMES. Out of about 110 schools/colleges in the Ashanti Region, the school won the following Position in various competitions.
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Notable alumni and associates




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