If you are planning a trip to Ghana, Accra is almost certainly going to be where you start out. It is likely to be one of the most popular places in Ghana for tourists from outside the country as well as locals. Everyone who is interested in seeing Accra, the capital city of Ghana, will discover that there are a lot of places to explore there. In Accra, one can find anything from high-end dining options to beaches with white sand to historical sites to visit. There is something for everyone.

The coastline of Ghana spans for approximately 560 kilometers (350 miles), beginning in Aflao in the Volta Region and ending in Cape Three Points in the Western Region. Along this stretch of coastline, the Atlantic Ocean is embraced by a plethora of gorgeous beaches that have a variety of sand and rock formations. And if you’re looking for a beach vacation in Ghana, Accra is one of the best cities to visit.

Are you looking for a beach in Accra where you can kick back, relax, and take in the beautiful views? has compiled a list of the best beaches in Accra that are suitable for your preferred kind of holiday.

Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
La Playa del Distracto
La Pleasure Beach, also known as Labadi Beach, is widely considered to be the most popular beach in all of Ghana. Along the western edge of Accra, visitors who would like to stay in a hotel that is close to the water can find some of the most luxurious accommodations in all of Ghana. Visitors who are not staying at the hotel are required to pay an admission fee. During the summer months, Labadi Beach is recognized for playing host to numerous large-scale entertainment concerts and festivals.

Visitors will have a good time at the beach because it offers a variety of infrastructure and services, such as restrooms, locker rooms, restaurants, bars, and a lot more of those kinds of places. Visits to the busiest beach in Ghana can now be made in complete peace of mind.


Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
Bojo Beach
The most well-known private beach in Ghana, Bojo, is recognized for its lavish amenities and unusual pleasures. You will have access to first-rate resort amenities, such as hotel lodging and unparalleled service, when you visit the secluded beach. The international airport is 20 kilometers (12 miles) away from Bojo Beach, and Accra is 15 kilometers (9 miles) away. Visitors who arrive in their own vehicles will find free private parking available for their use. The beach has been open to the public ever since it reopened in 2013.

Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
Sakomono Beach
Sakomono Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Ghana, and one of the reasons it is so popular is because it features a portion of the beachfront that is composed of rocks. Music lovers absolutely cannot miss out on a trip to this beach. It features a stunningly long and rugged coastline. The beach at the Tema port is the one that is located the closest to it.

Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
Kokrobite Beach
If you are a fan of the kind of music, Kokrobite is the beach in Ghana that you should go to. In spite of the fact that it is only 25 kilometers away from Accra, the beach offers a very distinct atmosphere from that of the bustling city. It is the ideal area for you to use as a hideout for any cause, whether it be personal or professional. At night, Kokrobite Beach comes to life with events that center around bonfires and feature music, dancing, and drumming.

opulent coastline The Luxury Beach at Accra
At The Luxury Beach Resort, you may escape the commotion of city life and have an experience that is filled with tranquillity, genuine comfort, and a calming atmosphere.

If you are looking for the best beaches in Accra, selecting Luxury Beach will be your best bet if you want a beach that is really secluded and does not have many people on it. The beach is pristine, and the waves are just right for children and families.

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Beaches In Accra Best Western Plus Beachfront Hotel Accra
At the Best Western Plus Accra Beach Hotel, you’ll find a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for both relaxing and having a good time. It includes elements of Ghanaian culture and customs in its make-up. The hospitality is top-notch, and the panorama of the ocean is spectacular.

If you wish to stay in the vicinity of the beach, this can be the best option for you. In addition to this, the hotel is regarded as one of the finest beachside budget top hotels in Ghana.

Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
Dansoman Beach
In spite of the fact that it is not Accra’s most popular tourist destination, Dansoman is nevertheless a beach that is well worth experiencing. As I was growing up, I had the opportunity to experience what it was like to go to Dansoman beach for the day. Taking in the sights of local fishermen at work as well as children having fun in the water. It’s possible that the beach will get packed during the holiday season. It is recommended that you go to the beach over the weekend.

Accra’s Beautiful Beaches
Accra, Ghana’s Bola Beach
Incredible setting on a Saturday morning before the sun has even begun to rise. the beach of Bola, which may be found directly behind the Independence Square in Ghana. The enormous amounts of plastic garbage that were thrown on Bola beach are the source of the beach’s nickname. It is true that measures are being taken to eliminate the mountains of discarded plastic, but in my opinion, this problem won’t be solved until people’s mentalities shift.

And since then, the beach has become a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

La palm beach
La Palm Royal Beach
Another well-liked spot in Accra is the La Palm Royal Beach, which has been welcoming visitors for more than 20 years and features a breathtaking waterfront. Because it sets a premium on luxury and strives to cultivate an opulent atmosphere, La Palm Royal Beach is an excellent choice for vacationers in Ghana who are looking for an environment that is free from excessive noise pollution.

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Teshie Beach
At Teshie Beach, you can enjoy the sensation of the sand beneath your feet, the sea breeze playing with your hair, and the sound of the waves. Staying until the sunset is the perfect way to cap off an amazing day.
I have some very exciting news for you. Access to Accra’s Teshie Beach is completely free of charge. However, you are not required to finish your tour at this particular stretch of beach. Visit one of the local attractions like Labadi Beach, The Junction Mall, or A&C Mall to provide a gratifying end to your day.

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