Anglican Senior High School, Kumasi

The Anglican Senior High School, Kumasi is a public high school in Asem, a neighbourhood of Kumasi in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. It is open to both boys and girls. It has been around since 1973, and Rev. Canon Senkyiri is the current director.


The school’s crest is made up of four parts: a purple-surrounded golden shield; a purple and white bishop’s mitre; a purple Akan male stool; and a white sheet with the words “Unity, truth, and service” written on it. The shield is the “shield of faith” that Ephesians 6:16 talks about. The shield is also a sign of protection and safety. In the middle of the emblem is an indigenous Akan male stool that stands for the role that traditional leaders played in starting and growing the school. As examples of these gifts, land, advice, and support were given. The Anglican bishop’s mitre is a sign that the school is connected to the Anglican Church. It’s also thought that the mitre sitting on the stool stands for peace, harmony, and unity between the Church and society through education. “Unity, Truth, and Service” is the school’s motto, which is written on the white scroll on the bottom part of the crest. The crest of the school is made up of three colours: gold stands for respect and loyalty, purple for priesthood and kingship, and white for virtue and purity.


An early 1920s report says that the English Church Mission (E.C.M.) bought the KASS site from the Amakom chief with the goal of building a school to train ministers and help the church grow in the Gold Coast.

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To run the new school, Bishop M. S. O’Rocke (1913–1923) hired Benedictine monks from Nashdom Abbey, England, as employees of the college. It was founded in 1952 that St. Augustine’s Theological College.

The second Republic, led by Prime Minister Dr. K. A. Busia, was overthrown by Colonel I. K. Acheampong in 1972. The new government decided that many training colleges would either be turned into secondary schools or shut down. One of the schools that was going to close was Anglican Training College. With the help of their director, Fr. Aggrey, the staff signed a petition asking the government not to shut down the college but to turn it into a secondary school that would be called Anglican Secondary School, Kumasi. The petition was sent through Rt. Rev. J. B. Arthur, the bishop, who wrote a cover letter to say that the petition was okay. Both letters were sent to Colonel Nkegbe in Accra, who was the secretary of education at the time. It was agreed upon, and in September 1973, Anglican Training College changed its name to Anglican Secondary School. It used to be a school for both boys and girls, but in 1987, it stopped letting girls live there. The secondary school’s director, Fr. P.D. Aggrey, who was in charge of the training college, was kept on.[9] He was in charge of the school from 1973 until he left in 1981. From 1981 to 1986, Mr. John Poku took over as principal. In 1987, Mr. A. E. Kyere, also known as Kontonkyi, became the school’s third headmaster. The school got better at what it did when he was in charge. There was a first time that the school was asked to join the National Science and Maths Quiz Competitions in 1999. Reverend Canon E.Y. Brobe-Mensah became head of the school in November 2003 and stayed in that position until 2010.

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Ordinal Officeholder Term start Term end Time in office Notes
1 Rev’d Philip Dawson Aggrey 1973 1981 7–8 years
2 John Poku 1981 1986 4–5 years
3 Andrews Evans Kyere 1987 2003 15–16 years
4 Rev’d Canon Emmanuel Yaw Brobe-Mensah 2003 2010 6–7 years
5 Alex Conduah 2010 2017 6–7 years
6 Rev. Canon Senkyiri 2017 incumbent 5–6

Notable alumni

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